What is DI? 

Creative Problem Solving 101…Destination Imagination (DI) is a unique program where kids take what they know and what they are good at and learn to apply it.  They work together and cooperatively with a team of 5 to 7 members to solve of one the five competitive Team Challenges.  Each challenge has its own educational focus. A non competitive Team Challenge designed for K thru 2nd is available for the younger set.  Each Team Challenge is designed to be open-ended and solvable in many ways and on many levels.

How Do I Do DI?

If you or your child is interested, please talk to your principal or the DI building coordinator at your school.

Also:  We want to make this program available to as many interested students as possible.  Teams are managed by parent volunteers.  Being a team manager can be a truly rewarding experience, and plenty of training and support is available to help you.  Please let me know if you are interested in managing a team.

If you would like information on our region, the program, or on how to start a team please email our regional director, Stephanie Gonterman at sgonterman@att.net or Tyler Ratliff at  eric.t.ratliff@gmail.com

 The Dal-Rich region covers all public and private schools in the Richardson and Highland Park attendance areas.

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What do kids get out of DI?

  • Have FUN!!

  • Make new friends

  • Learn to solve all kinds of problems

  • Learn to think on their feet

  • Learn that if something goes wrong, you just keep going

  • Learn to understand and appreciate the ideas, strengths, and abilities of other team members

  • Learn to manage time more efficiently

  • Learn to plan out a project and bring it to a conclusion

  • Learn to rely on themselves

  • Learn to be more organized

  • Learn how to resolve disagreements and manage conflict in a positive way

  • Learn not to give up

  • Learn to use technology, tools, machinery safely

  • Learn that we can do more than we ever thought we could