Appraisers and volunteers are the heart of our program -- we can not do this without you!  Please click a link below for more information on registering as an appraiser or volunteer for our tournament or other ways you can volunteer with Dal-Rich DI.

Ready to be an appraiser?  Click the link below to go to the registration website!

2019-2020 appraisers must be able to attend Appraiser Training on February 8th at Parkhill JH from 9:00 am - noon and the Regional Tournament on February 22nd all day. 


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In Destination Imagination tournaments, "appraisers" are members of the team of tournament officials who play a part in bringing a Destination Imagination tournament to life.  Their role might be to appraise teams in central challenges or instant challenges, to help in the score room, or be an appraisal team leader. Just like with a DI Team, there are many different skills and roles needed from our appraisers, and we do our best to make sure our appraisers find a role that best suits their talents.  Appraisers are critical to DI -- it just doesn't happen without them!

Every team needs to supply an appraiser to work at the tournament.  The appraiser is required to commit to the full day at the tournament and a half day training, generally the week before the tournament. 

An appraiser must be 18 years old or older, and should not be the team manager.  Since the appraiser will be appraising another team's performance (not your team), some parents might not want to volunteer since they will be unable to see their child perform.  However, there are many good candidates including teachers, grand parents, neighbors, aunts, uncles, cousins, co-workers or college students.  Many times, once someone appraises at a tournament, they will come back year after year...because it's really fun! 

If your team is unable to provide an appraiser, it will not be able to compete.  We will do our best to assist but it is up to the team to ask someone to volunteer. 

Click HERE for a short video on being a DI volunteer/appraiser.

Let us know if you have more questions about appraisers.



Info coming soon about volunteering at the 2019-20 tournament.