The links below provide team managers with resources for a successful year of managing a Destination Imagination team.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions for additional resources or if there are additional resources we can help you find.  


Start here to view our Roadmap of the step-by-step process for a DI year

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1. Register with Destination Imagination

All Destination Imagination participating teams must obtain a team number (click HERE for instructions on obtaining a team number).  Your membership number gets you your challenge program  materials which are available for download at under the "Resource" tab (see below for instructions) once you've set up your account through the Login link on the main menu. 

This also gives you access to DI University (online training) and access the DI challenge clarification system.

2. Register on the Texas DI website

You must have a Team Manager Account at Texas DI in order to register your team for the regional tournament. A Team Manager account also gives you access to additional training materials that are being created at the Texas DI training website.  Click HERE to access the Texas DI website and register your team. 


There are many ways to get involved in the Dal-Rich DI community, stay in the know, meet other team managers and make new friends.  

  • Click HERE to sign up for our newsletter.

  • Visit the CALENDAR Page for TM events, training, and informal TM meetings.

Once you have your membership number and have registered on the website, there are several video training courses available on DI University (you'll need your login information to access the site).

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Tools and Tips for Managing Teams

2019-2020 Dal-Rich TM Training Presentations and Materials:

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Instant Challenge Resources

There are many resources for Instant Challenges in the Team Roadmap and materials provided with your program materials.  Visit the website also for other free Instant Challenges and other free resources.

Download the Dal-Rich 2017 TM Training Slides: TM Instant Challenge Workshop

Other helpful links:

Instant Challenge Tips from a DI Alum

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