Reminder -- Tournament Registration and Appraiser Registration

Hell Team Managers!  

Hopefully you have been able to access the materials on and your team has begun the process of creating their solution. 

Your next step as team manager is to register your team for the regional tournament which will be February 18th.   In order to register you will go to and create an account (or sign in if you made one before).  Once you are there, you will be able to enter your team's information and register for the tournament.  The deadline for regular registration is December 17th.  Your registration fee is $180.00 per team and includes shirts for your team that you can pick up on team sign in night which is February 15th.  

To register you will need your membership number, your team's names and birthdays, and your appraiser's information.  As a reminder, each team must supply one appraiser who will attend training on the February 4th from 9-12:30 and will be in attendance the whole day on the 18th.  The appraiser will not be able to see your team perform, so it should be someone who is OK with that.  Each team will see about 15 appraisers between Instant and Team challenge (we need about 120 appraisers to staff the tournament), so every team must provide at least one appraiser so we have enough appraisers for each team to receive the full DI experience.  

Also see our Tournament Registration Page and Appraiser Information Page for more info.